The practice team of "Selenium Food as Gold" in the new chapter of school-enterprise cooperation spectrum entered Yunhong Group's Big Health Industrial Park

For an in-depth understanding of modern food production processes,Feel the enterprise culture and workshop production atmosphere,8月28日,Seven members of the "Selenium Food as Gold" social practice team from the Modern Industry College of Selenium Science and Engineering of Wuhan Light Industry University came to Yunhong Group Co., Ltd. to visit and study in Yunhong Big Health Industrial Park, which is located in the "Two-type" social construction circular economy pilot zone in Tianjia Town, Wuxue City。

On the same day, the team carried out social practice activities with the theme of "Big health + big food and big nutrition industry system to promote rural revitalization", covering discussions and exchanges, industrial park and production workshop visits, science popularization interaction of selenium and other links。


The practice team arrived at Hubei Yunhong Health Industrial Park

Understand corporate culture, demonstrate industry hot spots

During the discussion session, members of the practice team had an efficient exchange with Yunhong Group。Jiang Sijia, deputy director of research and development of Yunhong Group, introduced the development process of the enterprise, the development status of the industry, the characteristics of the core products of the enterprise and the future development direction of the enterprise。

Then Yunhong Group big health industrial Park general manager Liu Tangbin and production base general manager Zhang and strong respectively delivered speeches。They stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the contact and cooperation between enterprises and universities, strengthen the introduction and training of talents, improve core competitiveness, and hope that young students can brave the task of The Times and be the vanguard of the industry。

Professor He Jingren, the instructor of the social practice team, pointed out that this is a rare opportunity to go deep into the factory and understand the production line of the enterprise, which has important educational value for young students。

After the meeting, the practice team visited the enterprise exhibition hall and tasted Yunhong Group's new "Crazy blast V8 L-carnitine taurine sports drink" and "Selenium-rich Elderberry Solid Drink".。




Practice team and enterprise communication

Cooperation and innovation between enterprises and schools to help talent introduction

Yunhong Group and Wuhan University of Light Industry as early as 2016 launched industry-university-research university-enterprise cooperation, jointly established "Wuhan University of Light Industry - Yunhong Group Co., LTD. Professional degree graduate professional Practice base", to provide platform support for relevant professional students。In 2020, the two sides jointly declared and successfully approved the "Hubei Province fruits and vegetables deep Processing and plant polypeptide nutritional functional food Development Enterprise and school Joint Innovation Center", which was rated as excellent grade by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology for two consecutive years。

Since the cooperation,In photovoltaic power generation, efficient agricultural seed cultivation, fruit and vegetable plant protein polypeptides, natural active ingredients extraction and application, green biodegradable materials, smart logistics, Internet of things, precision medicine and other fields,More than 120 types of intellectual property rights have been declared,The number of invention patents accounted for more than half;And obtained nearly 50 kinds of intellectual property rights authorization,Among them, there are 11 invention patents,UK, US, France PCT patents 3。In terms of personnel training, the two sides jointly train 1 doctoral student and 2 master students, and employ Dr. He Jingren, Dr. Zhang Rui and Dr. Wu Muci from Wuhan University of Light Industry as special experts and provincial science and technology special commissioners, and employ Dr. He Jingren as the vice president and chief research and development expert of enterprise science and technology, responsible for the construction of scientific research team。

Through the visit, investigation and study of the enterprise technology center and practice platform, the members of the social practice team have a deeper understanding of the process from basic research to industrial transformation。Through the interpretation of the talent introduction policy of Wuxue City, Hubei Province, the practice team members have full confidence in the future and are willing to contribute their own strength to the development of Wuxue City。


The practice team visited the school-enterprise cooperation center and practice platform


Practice team learning talent introduction policy

Learning production knowledge, theory to promote practice

Practice team in Yunhong Health Industrial Park plant polypeptide functional food production workshop, biodegradable products production workshop and enterprise technology center,Communicate with technical and management personnel on site,The research focuses on the modern agricultural model of "photovoltaic + planting", the national brand of "peptide home" based on plant "peptide series" products, and the biodegradable tableware based on plant as raw materials,Truly feel the role of science and technology in production。

In the plant polypeptide functional food production workshop, the practice team entered the natural ingredient extraction room, powder filling room, liquid filling room and other functional rooms to visit the production process。In the production workshop of biodegradable products, experience the production process of biodegradable workshop, and "taste" biodegradable disposable lunch box。In this practice, the practice team members learned about the quality supervision in actual production and experienced the entire production research and development process, and the practice team members said that the practice benefited a lot。


Practice team in-depth production R & D workshop


Practice team members experience biodegradable disposable tableware

Selenium science interaction, help unlimited "selenium" hope

The practice team combined their professional advantages in selenium science and engineering to carry out a series of popular science activities of "Selenium science popularization", in the form of reporting, on-site interaction, fun color experiments, etc., to popularize the advantages of selenium science to enterprises, popularize selenium knowledge, stimulate interest in selenium, bring innovative ideas for food, and boost the development of "selenium + agriculture"。

In the on-site exchange, we said that through selenium science popularization, combined with the modern agricultural model of "photovoltaic + planting" of enterprises, selenium can be integrated into it to promote the development of nutrition-oriented agriculture。


Selenium science fun experiment

"Selenium food such as gold" social practice team in the in-depth practice of the enterprise truly felt the great development in the field of food science and technology, and realized the lack of their own professional ability and cognition。As the food people of the new era, they said that they will shoulder the responsibility of the era of close connection between the development of the food industry and the society, and contribute young people to promoting the revitalization of rural industry, cultural revitalization and ecological revitalization。(Yin Jinjing, Liu Digo, Zhang Rui)